Check Out These Great IRS Tools

Marinela Prodan/freeimages
Marinela Prodan/freeimages


If you hear “IRS” chances are you picture hours spent on Eternal Hold, long lines in their field offices, or worse yet, dealing with pages of complex tax terms. All you want to do is file a return, learn more about deductions,  track the status of your refund, or research basic tax information.

Fortunately, the IRS feels your pain and has created some great online resources for busy people like you:

1. Interactive Tax Assistant: The Interactive Tax Assistant offers answers to your essential tax concerns, such as determining your filing status, tax credits, and more. You’ll answer a series of questions online, follow the prompts, and you’ll have access to the tax code information you need.

2. Volunteer Tax Return Preparation Lookup: If you earn $50,00 or less and need help filing your return, this tool will help you locate free tax prep assistance in your community.

3. FreeFile: This online portal is available to you if you earn $60,000 or less. You can file your return online for free, but it helps to be familiar with basic tax codes (see Interactive Tax Assistant).

4. Electronic Federal Tax Payment System: The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) offers online payment options if you have a federal tax balance. You can use this system to pay income taxes, payroll taxes, and estimated taxes. No more snail mail payments!

5. Online Payment Agreement: If you have a tax balance and need to pay it off over time, the Online Payment Agreement is a great tool to use if a tax pro’s services just aren’t in your budget.  You’ll be able to set up an IRS installment plan and make monthly payments to clear your tax balance.

6. Authorized E-File Provider Search: If you want to electronically file your tax return and would rather have a tax preparer file them, use this tool to locate authorized E-File providers. Just enter your zip code, and the system will generate a list of authorized E-File pros in your community.

7. Where’s My Refund: This portal allows you to track your tax refund. You can access this tool beginning seven days after your filing date. Fill in the requested fields, you deposit information, and the system will generate your tracking information and estimated deposit date.

Life these days is hectic. Who has time to be on Eternal Hold or to stand in long lines? The IRS has come to your rescue with this series of online tools to help you with basic tax matters such as tracking your refund or determining your tax filing status.

Of course if you’re dealing with a complex tax matter such as past due taxes, liens, asset seizures, or wage garnishments, it’s best to enlist a tax pro who can help you.

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