Ideal Tax Solution, LLC Tax Debt Relief Service Fights Back Against Cyberbullying

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC Tax Debt Relief Service Fights Back Against Cyberbullying

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC, becomes more transparent enrolling 3rd-party review websites.

Costa Mesa, California (Ideal Tax Solution Blog) May 21, 2015

Ken Mason general manager at Ideal Tax Solution admits ‘the tax debt relief industry is complicated enough. It’s an often misunderstood service with unrealistic expectations but we try to keep it simple and transparent. From disgruntled employees, aggravated consumers, vendors and now sleazy entrepreneurs are all learning the leverage they can place on a business when turning to the Internet. At first, the power of the crowd was a great tool for customers to pool their collected wisdom. Of course, all things that first start out as well intention power seems too tempting for abuse.” Mason details his opinion.

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC handles helps settle tax debt with the IRS and Mason continues, “Our employees that do the negotiation with the IRS are licensed so we take complaints very seriously. But a funny thing happened when we started to look into the validity of the negative reviews. We found that people turned to websites that prey on businesses that undoubtedly (no matter what business or industry) will have a customer that has a bad even temporary experience during the service or sales process. Our research has shown these unscrupulous websites then post these ‘low ratings and detailed complaints’ building a database of businesses and complaints against that business. Rarely does that website stay in the touch with the complaining party nor is it in their best interest to. Their main economic revenue source is building an image of ‘independent third’ party then slam a business by collecting these reviews and charge a business for ‘management’ through a ‘store front’. Some of these websites have attempted to charge Ideal Tax Solution when they saw how many views our pages were receiving on their review pages” Mason states. As aForbes article on the subject of charging businesses to have negative reviews removed or managed found, “Criticized firms can pay a flat fee based on the volume of complaints received about them. It can be as low as $5,500 but some firms have paid more than $100,000.”

“It’s not only empowering sleazy websites referred to in the Forbes article, to extort a business with negative reviews, it empowers an otherwise happy customer to muscle a business for refund by ‘threatening’ negative reviews,'” says Murad Khatib at Ideal Tax Solution. Even after the service was rendered successfully, a customer can read these bad reviews and feel they have leverage to extort the business into a refund. Of course, Khatib has let his attorney handle this type of extortion case. But truly dissatisfied customers rarely like to wreck a company especially if the company responds so. This is definitely not the norm, but Khatib admits to seeing more and more of clients threatening online revenge even when just calling for simple customer service requests.

“We’ve signed up to give an option for 3rd party credible rating sites for our customers who truly want to rate us and give us a real chance helping them if they are not happy,” states Mason. “The first being an accredited business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the next is TrustLink, and of course Yelp.

As well as being recognized with high ratings and positive reviews on Google reviews Ideal Tax Solution has been in business for 7 years. ‘We are here to help the client before, during and after their service by being transparent online.” Khatib concludes.

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC is located in Costa Mesa, CA and provides tax negotiation and preparation services, and is a professional collection defense company. Their Tax Attorneys, IRS Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, and Senior Tax Consultants have over fifty-five years of combined experience working to help American taxpayers with the IRS and State Tax Agencies. Costa Mesa awarded Ideal Tax Solution, LLC, 2014 Best Tax Prep/Tax Resolution.

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