Why You Need a Tax Pro For Tax Return Prep

Photo: cohdra/morguefile
Photo: cohdra/morguefile

Let’s face it. DIY has taken hold on nearly every front besides home repairs. Modern software packages and apps have made even tax return prep a breeze. DIY tax return prep does have its advantages, primarily being able to file your tax return from home in your PJ’s.  For many of us, it doesn’t get much better than that.

However, life has a way of becoming more complicated as we go along, and with those life adjustments come changes to our tax scenario. A qualified tax prep professional can help you manage those  tax-related changes  Here’s a look at some good reasons to have your returns filed by a pro each year:

  • You’re self-employed or own a business.
  • You buy and/or sell a home or rental property
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Your marital status changes
  • You’re not good with numbers
  • You have itemized deductions
  • You have student loan interest

It’s Cost-Effective

Sure, you will have to pay for professional tax prep services. However, what you get in exchange is an accurate return that will be free of costly errors. For instance, if you under-report your income or claim a deduction that you’re not eligible for by mistake, the IRS won’t hesitate to hit you with a sizable penalty.

Your tax prep pro will file returns that are timely and accurate…saving you money in the long run.

You’ll Get Help With An Audit

In the event you are selected for an audit, your response to the IRS will need to be spot-on or you could end up owing even more money. A tax prep pro will be able to produce an accurate audit response report.

Should you ever need representation in negotiating with the IRS, your tax pro can refer you to an Enrolled Agent or tax attorney if they are not one themselves. It is critical to have professional representation when dealing with the IRS or state tax board.


A tax prep pro stays current on tax laws and tax codes so you won’t have to. That alone is worth it.

If you need help with your tax returns, we have tax prep staff on hand to prepare and file your returns. It’s never too early to give us a call, especially if your tax or employment status has changed. We’ll be glad to answer your questions. (888) 224-3004.



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