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Tax Help? Where You Should Go First!

With the COVID19 pandemic, it gets even much harder for businesses and individuals to pay their taxes on time. Unfortunately, individuals and businesses, who have unpaid taxes, risk severe punishments by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Although some penalties may be minor, it can quickly get heavy-handed, and depending on the severity of the issue, you will need IRS tax help.  

Prevent Property Seizure  

Severe punishments can range from payment of hefty fines to the seizure of properties by the IRS. Passports of delinquent taxpayers can also be revoked and their names could be added to the government’s no-fly list. The IRS, which is undoubtedly one of the most wide-reaching and aggressive collection agencies in the world, will stop at nothing to molest taxpayers with outstanding tax debt. Owing a tax bill can then seem like you’re being choked or crushed by the government and it may seem like there’s no escape for tax debtors, however, there are ways businesses and individuals can get tax help.

Hiring a Tax Resolution Firm 

With the help of a tax resolution firm, you can negotiate yourself or business into a favorable tax package with the IRS. The IRS is widely seen as an unforgiving and draconian government agency. Still, with the right legal maneuvers, a tax resolution firm can help you negotiate better with them 

Get Tax Help from an Experienced Tax Resolution Firm  

Working with a reputable tax resolution firm like Ideal Tax Solution, ITS, you can navigate your way into a significantly reduced tax burden.  

ITS is staffed by experienced tax professionals including Licensed Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and Tax Attorneys. 

What Ideal Tax Solution, ITS, Can Do For You 

After reaching out to ITS, their tax professionals will look through your tax information to identify ways to ease your tax debt. They’ll help identify different government tax relief programs you may be eligible for and help you take advantage of them.  

ITS will investigate your finances, will take a look at all possible ways to save you as much money as possible, can potentially reduce your tax debt, and remove any active wage garnishments you’re burdened with.  

You will also be assisted with tax audits as well as expert protection against property seizures.  

ITS is also staffed by ex-IRS agents, who know the ins and outs of how the IRS works and can legally tinker with your finances to take unnecessary tax burdens off your shoulder. 

Bottom Line 

The IRS is not your friend; they’re after your taxes and they’re out to get every cent of it. Trying to deal directly with the IRS without the necessary expertise could be counterproductive. A free consultation with ITS can help you better understand your situation with the IRS and how to best proceed.  

We provide professional guidance to people whose lives have been affected by tax problems. To evaluate your specific tax issue and determine if you qualify for tax relief, please contact us for a free consultation. 

The content of this post does not replace the advice of a licensed tax professional. Consult a qualified tax professional for questions specific to your individual circumstances.