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IRS Financial Hardship

IRS Financial Hardship Explained Facing a situation in which paying your tax debt would cause you unreasonable financial hardship where you cannot afford your basic

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IRS Form 2553 Explained

IRS Form 2553 Explained Small businesses operating in the United States have the benefit of modifying their business structure to optimize their tax savings, such

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IRS Form 8822-B Explained

IRS Form 8822-B Explained It’s okay if your business information has changed since you initially applied for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your company

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147C Letter Explained

147C Letter Explained TABLE OF CONTENTS What Is A 147c Letter? CP 575 or 147c? How To Request EIN Verification Letter 147c Can My EIN

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IRS Tax Topic 203 Explained

IRS Tax Topic 203 Explained Taxpayers may determine their eligibility for a tax refund when filing their tax return by listing their income, calculating their

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