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When taxpayers are facing the stress of accumulated tax liability, they may feel unsure about how to climb out of their tax debt or if investing in professional tax help would be beneficial in resolving their financial burdens.

The major benefit of Ideal Tax’s free tax consultation is that taxpayers can learn more about their standing with the IRS based on their current tax situation and whether or not they would qualify for tax relief programs through the IRS, such as the Fresh Start Initiative, without making an additional investment.

By providing a free tax consultation, you can learn if the tax services provided by Ideal Tax would be worth the money, and risk-free. 


Before Your Free Tax Consultation

A tax consultation with Ideal Tax will establish a clear plan for how you should approach your tax burden this tax season. Still, there are some steps to take before your free tax consultation, including answering a pre-consultation survey.

This pre-qualification questionnaire allows our team to establish a tax resolution plan.

During Your Free Tax Consultation

The initial tax consultation is one of the most important steps in the tax filing process, as it allows our tax consultants to evaluate your tax situation and offer a realistic plan to manage your taxes.

The experts at Ideal Tax will analyze all of the details you listed in the pre-consultation survey to gain an idea of which tax relief options may be most appropriate for resolving your tax problems.

Then, during your free consultation phone call, you will be provided with a clear plan of action as well as the estimated costs associated with moving forward with the Ideal Tax.

If your tax advisor has any additional questions about the information you have provided or if they need to gather any extra details about your tax history, they will ask you to provide clarification during this appointment.

Some of the information you should be expected to provide includes:

* The amount of your total tax debt.
* Which government entity your tax debt is owed to, whether it is a state or federal government or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
* Your salary, wage rate, or monthly income.
* Your estimated monthly expenses.
* Which assets you own, including property and vehicles.

The goal of this free tax consultation is to gather all of the information required to determine your eligibility for tax relief through the IRS Forgiveness Program.

To ensure the tax resolution strategy is tailored specifically to your tax problem, the experts at Ideal Tax will ask you questions about your lifestyle to learn how you acquired tax debt and get to know your situation.
After gathering all of the necessary tax information from you and confirming any discrepancies, the tax preparer will be able to present you with your options.
By the end of this free consultation, you will have a clear idea of which tax relief programs you may be a good candidate for and be directed on the next steps to take to resolve your tax issues.
Whether or not the Fresh Start Initiative is an appropriate option for you, your Ideal Tax consultant will be honest and upfront about which tax relief services would be worth the investment of time and money.
Even if you do not qualify for the Fresh Start Program, we will offer advice about how you can continue with your tax planning to still make the most out of filing your tax returns.


After Your
Free Tax Consultation

Following your free tax consultation with a tax professional at Ideal Tax, you will know if you do or do not qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program

Qualifying Taxpayers for the Fresh Start Program

If the professional tax preparers determine that you qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program following your free consultation, it will be time to begin the process of actually resolving your tax burdens.
First, our team will ensure that you have submitted all of the necessary tax documents and paperwork to us so we can prepare your case for tax resolution.
Next, the case manager will analyze the information and prepare a plan for resolution before submitting it to a tax attorney and tax accountant at Ideal Tax to verify the accuracy of the plan and ensure the best approach is selected for your tax situation.
Before moving forward with the plan, your case manager will go over the tax resolution strategy with you to ensure you both understand and approve of the findings.
After receiving your approval, your tax manager will prepare your case documents to be presented to the IRS and follow through with the negotiation process on your behalf.
Once the best resolution has been agreed upon, the tax manager will seek your final approval before submitting the forms and completing the process.
If following your free tax consultation with Ideal Tax, you learn that you do not qualify for the Fresh Start Program, we will still help you with the next steps in your tax resolution process.
The tax consultant will be honest about whether the investment in the Ideal Tax tax relief services would save them more money than they owe based on how much tax debt they have.
Contacting the IRS directly to seek out tax relief options will be a beneficial next step in achieving tax relief if they do not qualify for the Fresh Start Program.
Otherwise, learning more about the different types of tax relief by utilizing free online resources will help you understand your options moving forward.
You can take all of the stress away from the tax season by hiring the professionals at Ideal Tax to prepare and file your tax return on your behalf.
Whether you need help with filing an individual tax return or a tax return for your business or company, our tax preparers are experienced at optimizing filing outcomes for a variety of tax situations.


Cost of Tax Services
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Following a free consultation with Ideal Tax in which you learn that you qualify for the Fresh Start Program, you will receive a detailed quote from your case manager about the estimated costs of moving forward with the tax preparation services.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that every tax situation is different and may require various levels of depth and time it would take to achieve a tax resolution, Ideal Tax cannot provide a price quote without learning more about your tax history.
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The cost for tax services is established on a case-by-case basis, often being impacted by the amount of tax debt the person owes and which tax relief program they may qualify for.

About The IRS Fresh Start Initiative

The IRS Fresh Start Initiative is a tax relief program instated by the IRS in 2011 to help taxpayers manage the financial burden of tax debt.

During your free consultation with a tax specialist, they will go over the different tax relief options within the Fresh Start Initiative and describe which programs you may be eligible for.

The four main tax relief initiatives within the Fresh Start Program are as follows:

Installment Agreement

IRS installment agreements allow qualified taxpayers to tackle their tax debt by making monthly payments, or installments, that allow them to pay back their tax liability in a manner that does not cause them additional financial hardship

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is a form of tax relief in which the IRS agrees to settle the tax debt for less than what is owed instead of requiring payment for the full tax liability.

Currently Non-Collectible Status

When taxpayers are approved to have their accounts listed as currently non-collectible, they are temporarily excluded from tax collection efforts until they are more financially stable.

Penalty Abatement

Penalty abatement is a tax relief option in which the IRS removes penalties and fees from a taxpayer’s account that were accumulated from failing to file their tax return or being late to make a tax payment.

Schedule Your
Free Tax Consultation

If you are interested in hiring a tax debt relief company to file your tax return during this tax season, taking the first step of scheduling a free tax consultation will ensure the tax preparation services you are inquiring about would be an appropriate investment for your tax situation. Schedule your free tax consultation with Ideal Tax today to get started on the process of filing your tax return.

We provide professional guidance to people whose lives have been affected by tax problems. To evaluate your specific tax issue and determine if you qualify for tax relief and the fresh start program, please contact us for a free consultation. We are COVID-19 prepared, we will work with you over the phone and via e-mail. The content of this post does not replace the advice of a licensed tax professional. Consult a qualified tax professional for questions specific to your circumstances.