Does It Make Sense to Hire a Tax Professional?

No one relishes the thought of dealing with the IRS alone. You have better things to do than to study reams of tax law and tax code. Yet, the IRS expects you to know the ins and outs of tax code any time you have to mount a tax matter defense.

The good news is that you won’t have to be a tax law wiz asĀ  part of your tax defense. Here are some compelling reasons for hiring a tax pro to represent you:

The Know Tax Codes, So You Won’t Have To

A qualified tax pro can serve as the intermediary between you and the IRS. They’ll help you understand your rights and ensure your rights are upheld during IRS interactions and proceedings. Your tax defense team will know IRS code as well as the IRS does, and they will help you negotiate an outcome that will work to your advantage whenever possible.

Filing of Past Returns

You’ll be on the IRS radar until you get your past returns filed. If you’re overwhelmed by years of unfiled returns, a tax pro can help you gather needed documents and determine which tax forms will be needed for a successful and accurate filing.

Protect Your Assets

The IRS can act quickly to seize assets such as your bank account and retirement savings to satisfy a tax debt. Hiring a tax pro will help you protect your valuable assets.

Your tax pro will help you negotiate a payment arrangement you can afford, or make an Offer In Compromise (OIC) on your behalf. You would be able to pay off most or all of your tax debt without having to surrender your income or assets.

Audit Representation

Most of us would consider an IRS audit to be at the very top of our “Do not want to do” list. If your return has been selected for an audit, you can deal with the IRS with confidence by having a competent tax team at your side.

Your tax team will make sure you have the following available for the IRS:

  • Paystubs or self-employment records
  • Bank statements
  • Dividend statements
  • Business or personal expense receipts
  • Copies of current and past tax returns

Additionally, if the audit will involve a face-to-face meeting with an IRS auditor, your tax team can help you prepare for the meeting, speak on your behalf during the audit, and see to it that your rights are upheld. Your tax team can also help you understand your options and the best course of action should the audit not work out in your favor.

Stress Relief

With a solid tax defense team in place, you can go about your business. You won’t have to worry about your pending IRS case; you can continue to focus on what matters most to you. Your tax pros will handle your case as it progresses and they will also

  • Keep you informed every step of the way
  • Notify you when they will need to meet with you regarding your case
  • Work diligently on your behalf to reach a resolution you can live with
  • Apply tax codes as they pertain to your case, ensuring you have all the applicable protections available to you under the law.

Just as you wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer, don’t go it alone when it comes to complex tax matters with the IRS. We have qualified tax pros on staff who can help, whether you’re facing an audit, asset seizure, or past due tax debt.

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