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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.
A Collection Appeal is used when a taxpayer is facing Tax Collection and they want to challenge the amount of tax they purportedly owe. The appeals process is one way that you can settle your debt with the IRS outside of going to Tax Court. The Appeals Division is an independent organization within the IRS and handles these processes differently than most other IRS functions.
When your case is accepted for appeal, it is assigned to an Appeals Officer who is required to make a decision within 5 days, this may or may not work in your favor. Your best bet is to have an expert negotiator on your side and working towards your appeals solution. The IRS mediator will attempt to negotiate a settlement outside of Tax Court and our professionals will work with them, on your behalf, to find a solution that will work for you.

Ideal Tax Solution Representation

Ideal Tax Solution has the experience and knowledge to handle the most serious of tax audits. Our expert Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and ensure that your taxpayer rights are protected and that the IRS auditor is playing on a level field. Call us today to discuss how we can develop a strategy that will allow you to address the audit and resolve it with better than acceptable results.